RedStone closed a $7 Million Seed round led by Lemniscap 馃帀
Integrate once
use on any chain

RedStone delivers frequently updated, reliable and
diverse data for your dApp and smart contracts.

Data points
The next generation of oracles

New protocols require more data delivered at lower latency.


Stop waiting minutes for updates. RedStone delivers data in seconds

Cost efficient

EVM-connector reduces gas costs thanks to meta transactions and call-data utilisation


Allow your smart contracts to fetch any non-standard data, like volatility, order books or trading volumes.


Each data provider's track record is permanently available on Arweave.

Decentralized structure

Anyone can become a data provider and configure a data stream with just a few clicks.


Downtime or incorrect data are covered by the provider's stake.

RedStone works on 30+ chains instantly

Thanks to our unique approach that avoids putting data into on-chain storage we are available on any chain out of the box.

Integrate RedStone with a few lines of code

We use a radically different way of putting data on EVM chains called EVM-connector. The data is automatically attached to a transaction and erased afterwards thus reducing gas fees without touching the expensive evm storage.

1. Extend contracts

In order to access data in smart contract you need to extend it with the PriceAware contract and override the implementation of isSignerAuthorized function.

import "@redstone-finance/evm-connector/contracts/data-services/AvalancheDataServiceConsumerBase.sol"; contract YourContractName is AvalancheDataServiceConsumerBase { // Getting a single value uint256 ethPrice = getOracleNumericValueFromTxMsg(bytes32("ETH")); // Getting several values bytes32[] memory dataFeedIds = new bytes32[](2); dataFeedIds[0] = bytes32("ETH"); dataFeedIds[1] = bytes32("BTC"); uint256[] memory values = getOracleNumericValuesFromTxMsg(dataFeedIds); uint256 ethPrice = values[0]; uint256 btcPrice = values[1]; }
2. Connect the front end

Seamlessly connect your front-end using a contract wrapper and use last price in your dApp.

import { WrapperBuilder } from "@redstone-finance/evm-connector"; const contract = new ethers.Contract(address, abi, provider); const wrappedContract = WrapperBuilder.wrap(contract).usingDataService( { dataServiceId: "redstone-avalanche-prod", uniqueSignersCount: 10, dataFeeds: ["AVAX", "ETH", "PNG"], }, [""] );
Want to dive deeper? Check the Docs!
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Our team won dozens of hackathon prizes. But many of our projects never made it into production because we couldn't find oracles that were fast, cheap or reliable enough. Now, we take care of that and you can simply use RedStone.

RedStone is backed by top-class investors
Frequently asked questions
RedStone supports any chain such as Ethereum, Avalanche or Polygon, where all the Web3 & DeFi activity happens, as well as their testnets. We also utilize the permanent and affordable storage of the Arweave chain to keep our data and track the providers' reputations.
We designed the system to work exactly like other popular on-chain oracles. You just need to update the address of an oracle contract. Reach out to us on our Discord or via the Contact form below and we will work with you to implement and test the updates.
The pricing model is published in each Data Provider鈥檚 manifest making the RedStone ecosystem a naturally competitive market. No more overpaying for data feeds - get low latency data at minimal cost and pay just for what you need.
Welcome to the next generation of oracles!
We support any public and private data API. There are dedicated plugins available for the most popular aggregators, off-chain exchanges and DEXes. It is also possible to directly connect your internal data source.
Users can claim a refund if a provider fails to return the correct data. Disputes are resolved by decentralized juries using voting based on the RedStone tokens
We will release RedStone tokens for Early Adopters of our data and Data Providers by distributing grants and stipends. To stay updated about the token and timeline for launch on exchanges subscribe as an enthusiast, follow us on Twitter and join our Discord.
To become a data provider, you need to publish a manifest specifying which data and on which terms you are going to publish. There is also a need to stake RedStone tokens as collateral for data quality and maintain a dedicated node. We provide tools to host and monitor data nodes and we will assist you through this process.
Want to know more?

Check our FAQ, see our team page and engage in a discussion on our Discord & Twitter.
You can also reach out to us by sending an email to