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Data points
The next generation of oracles

New protocols require more data delivered at lower latency.


Stop waiting 10+ minutes for updates. Your contracts access data in seconds.

Cost efficient

"Flash storage" reduces gas costs thanks to meta transactions and proxy contracts.


Allow your smart contracts to fetch any non-standard data, like volatility, order books or trading volumes.


Each data provider's track record is permanently available on Arweave.

Decentralized structure

Anyone can become a data provider and configure a data stream with just a few clicks.


Downtime or incorrect data are covered by the provider's stake.

Accessing data in applications

Data is accessible from any website, mobile application, or backend server. All data comes with a verifiable cryptographic signature allowing a blockchain grade integrity.

You can access the data by an http-api or using our npm library that comes with extra features. Learn more and explore examples in the documentation or play with the code.

Code example
Accessing data in contracts

We use a radically different way of putting data on-chain called "flash storage". The data is automatically attached to a transaction and erased afterwards thus reducing gas fees. The information is kept in the EVM storage ensuring inter-protocol composability.
1. Connect to your contracts

Configure a proxy pointing to your smart contract.

const Proxy = await ethers.getContractFactory("Redstone proxy"); const defiProtocol = await DefiProtocol.attach("0x...."); const priceFeed = await PriceFeed.attach("0x...."); //Deploy proxy const defiProtocolProxy = await Proxy.deploy( defiProtocol.address, proxyAdmin.address, priceFeed.address );
2. Connect to the front end

Seamlessly connect to your front-end using a web3 contract wrapper.

const priceFeedApi = require('redstone-api'); const defiProtocol = await DefiProtocol.attach("0x...."); //Wrap web3 smart contract const wrappedProtocol = wrapContract(defiProtocol, priceFeedApi); //Execute action with attached prices await wrappedProtocol.executeAction();
3. Access the data in your contracts

Read data with the same convenience as using other oracles based on the on-chain storage.

function executeAction(...) external { uint256 latestETHPrice = priceFeed.getPrice("ETH"); //Now you can use the price in your code //... }
Frequently asked questions
RedStone is a cross-chain solution that takes the best from different chains. We utilize the permanent and affordable storage of the Arweave chain to keep our data and track the providers' reputation. We also support all the EVM-compatible chains such as Ethereum, Avalanche or Polygon, where most of the DeFi activity happens.
We support any public and private data API. There are dedicated plugins available for the most popular aggregators, off-chain exchanges and DEXes. It is also possible to directly connect your internal data source.
Users can claim a refund if providers fail to return correct data. Disputes are resolved by decentralized juries using token-based voting.
To become a data provider, you need to publish a manifest specifying which data and on which terms you are going to publish. There is also a need to stake tokens as collateral for data quality and maintain a dedicated node. We provide tools to host and monitor data nodes and we will assist you through this process.
We designed the system to work exactly like other popular on-chain oracles. You just need to update the address of an oracle contract. Reach out to us and we will work with you to implement and test the updates.
Made by DeFi builders for DeFi builders
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Our team has won dozens of hackathon prizes. But many of our projects never made it into production because we couldn't find oracles that were fast, cheap or reliable enough.

So we decided to solve this structural problem by building our own oracle system that is open, flexible, efficient and easy to use by other developers.

Want to now more about the team behind the project? Check our About us page.

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