RedStone raises $15M Series A, backed by top VCs and angels 馃帀
Modular Oracles
Secure. Flexible. Efficient.

The fastest-growing Oracle for DeFi and Institutions.
Available on 50+ chains, trusted by 100+ clients.

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Pendle Venus Morpho Silo EtherFi Enzyme Renzo KelpDAO Sommelier Enzyme Gearbox DeltaPrime
Use RedStone On All EVM L1s & L2s And Beyond

The unique modular design makes RedStone available cross-chain including EVMs, non-EVMs, rollups and all kinds of appchains.

RedStone: The Number One Modular Oracle

RedStone enforces design with independent and robust modules. Signed data packages are broadcasted to DDL and archived on Arweave. Consumers can use data feeds in Pull, Push and X models.

Modular Oracles for LSTs & LRTs

RedStone is the leader in DEX-based price feeds delivery.

Feeds Not Available Elsewhere

We specialize in yield-bearing collateral for lending markets, especially LSTs & LRTs. Price Feeds for new types of assets require novel price discovery models (e.g. slippage-based weighting). We consistently update our modular pricing engine to ensure the highest accuracy and relevance.

Deployable Everywhere

Our price feeds are chain agnostic. We can push data to multiple EVM, non-EVM ecosystems, rollups and all kinds of appchains. This makes us a perfect partner for Rollup-as-a-Service Providers as well as EigenLayer AVSs. Deploy a new chain and be oracle-ready with RedStone from day one!

Supporting All DeFi dApps

We support versatile use cases, empowered by modular data consumption. Choose Core (Pull) for the high frequency of data updates and a broad range of assets or Classic (Push) model if you require the most popular oracle interface. If you have a use case, we have a solution.

Data points
The 3 Oracle Models Tailored To Your Needs

Modular Oracle that delivers exactly the data feeds you need, tailored to your protocol's requirements.

RedStone Core (Pull)

Lowest gas costs, a few seconds of latency, dApp users deliver signed data packages on demand to the destination chain.

RedStone Classic (Push)

Compatible with traditional Oracles, dApp gets full control over data source and update conditions (heartbeat and deviation threshold).

RedStone X (Zero-latency)

Front-running proof, tailored for sophisticated protocols like Perps & Options, based on GMX design.

Want to dive deeper? Check the Docs!
Top-class investors & angels backed RedStone

RedStone modular architecture allows supporting swiftly both new and established dApps launching on trending L1s & L2s. Combined with the best security practices and the ability to deliver non-standard data, like LP & staked tokens, puts RedStone in a perspective position ahead.

Stani Kulechov photo

Stani Kulechov, Aave & Lens Founder and CEO

To create innovative protocols, we can't keep on using the same concepts from the 2020 DeFi Summer. The way Oracles work has not evolved much in the past years, which stifles growth. We need quick responses to market trends, an architecture compatible with zk-powered L2s and optimisations in gas costs - that's what RedStone Oracles brings to the table.

Sandeep Nailwal photo

Sandeep Nailwal, Polygon Co-Founder

Pricing of LP & staked tokens is the backbone of our system but no Oracle was able to provide it. RedStone delivered what others couldn't and gave us all the customization we could have asked for - it's a partner to go with.

Piotr Duda photo

Piotr Duda, DeltaPrime CEO

Many oracle solutions are rather centralized, don't scale well and can't be adjusted to the needs of a specific dApp. Thankfully, RedStone has a unique design ensuring permissionlessness, scalability and customisability, making them stand out from the crowd.

Roman Croessmann photo

Roman Croessmann, Mento Labs Co-Founder

RedStone team has been very responsive and professional while providing the requested Oracle services. Our tech due diligence has shown that the RedStone Classic model provides not only flexibility with price feeds on various chains but is also fully compatible with the traditional push Oracle model. We can only vouch for the services RedStone provides

Brad Harrison photo

Brad Harrison, Venus CEO

Frequently asked questions
RedStone supports any chain such as Ethereum, Avalanche or Polygon, where all the Web3 & DeFi activity happens, as well as their testnets. We also utilize the permanent and affordable storage of the Arweave chain to keep our data and track the providers' reputations.
We designed the RedStone Classic (Push) model, to work exactly like other popular on-chain oracles.
The pricing model is published in each Data Provider鈥檚 manifest making the RedStone ecosystem a naturally competitive market. No more overpaying for data feeds - get low latency data at minimal cost and pay just for what you need.
Welcome to the next generation of oracles!
We support any public and private data API. There are dedicated plugins available for the most popular aggregators, off-chain exchanges and DEXes. It is also possible to directly connect your internal data source.
Users can claim a refund if a provider fails to return the correct data. Disputes are resolved by decentralized juries using voting based on the RedStone tokens
We will release RedStone tokens for Early Adopters of our data and Data Providers by distributing grants and stipends. To stay updated about the token and timeline for launch on exchanges subscribe as an enthusiast, follow us on Twitter and join our Discord.
To become a data provider, you need to publish a manifest specifying which data and on which terms you are going to publish. There is also a need to stake RedStone tokens as collateral for data quality and maintain a dedicated node. We provide tools to host and monitor data nodes and we will assist you through this process.
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