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RedStone is the only Oracle for weETH, rzETH, rsETH, pufETH price feeds.
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The Leading Crypto Projects Trusted RedStone Oracles

Our modular oracle design allows RedStone to adjust data flow to clients' needs the Pull and Push Oracle models. See the full list here.

Modular Oracles for LSTs & LRTs

RedStone is the leader in DEX-based price feeds delivery.

Feeds Not Available Elsewhere

We specialize in yield-bearing collateral for lending markets, especially LSTs & LRTs. Price Feeds for new types of assets require novel price discovery models (e.g. slippage-based weighting). We consistently update our modular pricing engine to ensure the highest accuracy and relevance.

Deployable Everywhere

Our price feeds are chain agnostic. We can push data to multiple EVM, non-EVM ecosystems, rollups and all kinds of appchains. This makes us a perfect partner for Rollup-as-a-Service Providers as well as EigenLayer AVSs. Deploy a new chain and be oracle-ready with RedStone from day one!

Supporting All DeFi dApps

We support versatile use cases, empowered by modular data consumption. Choose Core (Pull) for the high frequency of data updates and a broad range of assets or Classic (Push) model if you require the most popular oracle interface. If you have a use case, we have a solution.