Stani, Sandeep, Emin and other KOLs back RedStone 馃帀
Restaking Oracle
Boosted By EigenLayer

RedStone implements restaking in its modular
Oracle design, increasing economic security and lowering costs.

Restaking Oracle of 2024

EigenLayer mainnet launch opens new opportunities for Oracles secured by restaking. RedStone modular design is best suited to capture the restaking trend.

Starting small

At first, a small set of restkaing nodes is being utilised in the RedStone Oracle flow with a support from our partners EtherFi and Othentic.

Going big

Our team is at the forefront of research on restaking and oracles intersection. RedStone is dedicated to capturing the restaking weave for cheaper data availability.

Gas-optimized ETH / USD feed

Ethereum is the backbone of restaking. Projects can already utilize the robust and most gas-optimized ETH / USD Oracle feed that is up to 5x cheaper than the standard implementation.

The Leading Crypto Projects Trusted RedStone Oracles

Our modular oracle design allows RedStone to adjust data flow to clients' needs the Pull and Push Oracle models. See the full list here.