Stani, Sandeep, Emin and other KOLs back RedStone 馃帀

Join us on a mission to disrupt blockchain Oracles!

RedStone originated at Open Web Foundry incubation program in 2020 and since has implemented into production storage less Oracles that are disrupting Web3 & DeFi space - join us in revolutionising the blockchain industry.

At RedStone we create disruptive solutions at Warp Speed

  • RedStone is compatible with over 30 chains
  • We deliver over 1000 data feeds to Web3 & DeFi projects
  • We have top players in our team (almost 80% of RedStone folks are engineers)
  • Over $7M secured from global Web3 VC funds that trusted in our team
  • We give talks and deliver workshops on global events - in 2022 we did 8 of them!
  • RedStone is the key partner of ETHWarsaw conference & hackathon

RedStone team works as a well-coordinated crowd, with the premise of attracting top-tier talent and creating the best possible conditions to unfold their full potential. Strong ownership and influence on the final product combined with a great dose of flexibility is our go-to formula for the highest effectiveness.

Jakub photo

Jakub Wojciechowski, Founder and CEO

The technical side of RedStone Oracles is truly unique. Novel challenges, pioneer solutions and problems that nobody has ever fully solved before are our bread and butter here. Building on the forefront of innovation in the field of blockchain Oracles is just as gripping as it gets.

Alex photo

Alex Suvorov, Lead Developer

RedStone team has a broad presence and visibility at global events and it really pays out. We have built an international network of Web3 partners and cooperate closely with founders of some of the most successful protocols worldwide, such as Arweave or Avalanche, together with their world-class teams and top Web3 & DeFi builders.

Marcin photo

Marcin Ka藕mierczak, COO

Joining RedStone means

Growth mindset

Grow together with the team and RedStone by interacting with global Web3 projects

Striving for product excellence

We build products for developers, we care to deliver a top-notch experience

Open-source software approach

Our goal is to make the whole Web3 ecosystem a better place

Remote & flexible working hours

We work remotely and meet regularly. We also provide WeWork subscription if you need it!

Joining the hottest dev industry

Web3 is growing and will grow even more with RedStone unlocking its potential

Being a key player in the team

We are a small, agile powerhouse - everyone plays a key role here!

Dive deep into the Web3 infrastructure with us!
Check out our team.